Eco Wishlantern® (Individual Lantern)


Eco Wish Lanterns from Wishlantern® - Individual Lantern
Our Eco Wish Lanterns use fireproof string rather than wire - 100% biodegradable
Simply light the fuel cell at the bottom of the lantern, watch it fill with hot air and let it go into the night sky.
Easy to light and launch within a minute or two.
Made from high quality, biodegradable rice paper, string and bamboo. Eco Wish Lanterns From Wishlantern® Wish Lantern continue to be at the forefront of lantern design and in July 2010 we became the first supplier in the USA to sell a 100% biodegradable wish lantern. Back in 2009 we started looking at replacing the small piece of wire in our traditional wish lantern with a fire resistant string that is capable of holding the burnin More »

Posted by Mo Kha on 22 June

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