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Divine Essences Aromatherapy Spray Body Mist – Blessings, Health Care Stuffs

Divine Essences Aromatherapy Spray Body Mist – Blessings

Blessings is designed to shower you with the feeling of blessings from heaven. This spray is a combination of Rose and Sandalwood oils. Use for sacred occaisions, to start or end your day, or anytime you want to feel showered with sparklets of heavenly blessings.
Blessings is a mix of Rose and Sandalwood.
Uses: Relax and soothe the body and mind, Reduce stress, Uplift mood by raising your vibration, Brighten the aura, Promote clarity of mind and refresh the senses, Calms kids, pets and adults, Clear and purify a space, Create a calm, relaxed feeling, and Change and uplift the energy of a room.
Made with organic ingredients wherever possible.
Made with reusable/recyclable container. Glass bottle - won't leach chemicals like plastic or aluminum. Divine Essences Exceptional Aromatherapy Sprays are designed to uplift your vibration through scent and direct contact with the body and aura. They dissolve negative thoughts and energies, promote feelings of joy and love, and open you up to brighter possibilities. The sprays relax the body and create and maintain a positive atmosphere, bringing a sense of upliftment. Every ingredie More »

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